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randstad employer brand research 2023.

Randstad Employer Brand Research is a representative employer brand research based on perceptions of the general audience. An independent survey with nearly 163,000 respondents and 6,022 companies surveyed worldwide.

It is a reflection of employer attractiveness for this market’s 150 largest employers known by at least 10% of the population. Optimizing over 22 years of successful employer branding insights, the study provides valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand.




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few key highlights.


Work-life balance, attractive salary benefits and a good reputation continue to be the top three most important drivers of employees when choosing an employer event in 2023.

Current employers in India are rated high on good reputation & work-life balance. Clearly, they are performing relatively well in in line with the image of an ideal employer. Salary & benefits remains an area of improvement for employers 

Employees in India consider non-material benefits equally as important as material benefits. 82% find non-material benefits to be (very) important when choosing one employer over the other  vis-a-vis 85% in the case of material benefits which is rated just slightly higher.

Auto & auto components followed by IT, telecom & ITES; FMCG, Durables, Retail, E-commerce; Energy & Infrastructure are the top performing sectors of India by attractiveness this year.