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embracing all abilities

The report focuses on understanding the inclusion of People with Disabilities (PwD) in Indian workplaces by studying the experiences and attitudes of employers, employees, allies, and policy-makers. Thereby investigating the underlying sentiments of People with Disabilities (PwD) - beyond just the presence or absence of policies and provisions at the workplaces




few key highlights.


65% of respondents say that their organizations have policies to include people with disabilities– the biggest share is that of MNCs (50%). The figures are lower for other sectors – 19% (Indian Companies) & 4% (Public Sector)

50% of MNC respondents say that their business leaders’ goals are aligned with inclusion, fair policies exist and are also well implemented compared to 27% of Indian Companies and 30% in the public sector.

A majority of people with disabilities are employed at the junior levels (30%). Their presence in the organizational structure of the company decreases as we move towards the middle (23%) and senior management (9%) roles in the hierarchy.